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Sep 21, 2007
Mobile, AL
Man, people REALLY blew the ”rebuilding year” thing out of proportion didn’t they? Saban didn’t say anything that was untrue.
I like how mad that made everyone. I think it triggered a lot of fans not wanting to admit that it wasn’t your typical strong Bama team that got taken down.
2017: Georgia finished 13-2 won the sec title and played in the national title game. It was there second best season behind last year since 2003. (2012 is third).
2021: Alabama finishes 13-2 wins the sec title and heisman and was leading in the 4th qtr of the national title game. And it’s so far down the list of best seasons for bama under Saban I am not even sure where I would rank it.

Also Kirby himself even said last year was Saban’s best coaching job because of the pieces we were missing. which indicates that Saban isn’t as close to riding off into the sunset as the rest of college football wishes.

I can see how that would make a lot of people angry.
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