ChatGPT passes exams from law and business schools (and other AI discussions...)


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Feb 12, 2001
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I typed "War on Terror" into an AI text generator. This was what it created:

The war on Terror: Why two tiny young Poles are living in a suburb of Paris and becoming activists for the exiled president of Belarus.

They are just two tiny bodies, two small Polish boys.

One of them is 6ft 5in and the other 7ft tall. And they are the only two people in the world who have the same name as the most wanted man on the planet.

The fact that they are identical twins did not stop them being randomly kidnapped a year ago by the secret service of Belarus.

Their first hope was that they were being moved by their father, a

This is their story:

The tiny bodies of Rafal and Michał

The small body of Rafal

The young boy may be in the arms of his aunt Grazyna Kapusta, but in his mind Rafal Kapusta's war with Russia is still going on.

'I'm not afraid to die,' says Rafal, smiling shyly in a high-cut white shirt and T-shirt, his shorts a few inches above his knees.

'But I am very scared of the Russian army. I'm afraid they might kill me.'

The war is over, or almost, for Rafal, born in Belarus to the great love of his father, one of the country's most famous footballers.

But for the Kapusta family in their home city of Minsk, the new war is just beginning. Their mother is in exile, the future uncertain.

Rafal is one of the millions of children orphaned by the conflict in Belarus and eastern Ukraine.

But his parents' views on Russia are relatively mainstream — though they do not condone President Alexander Lukashenko's authoritarian government, they do not loathe it either.

Nor have they forgotten life under the Communist regimes of Lukashenko's father and grandfather, who ruled over Belarus for 30 years.

Rafal recalls his earliest memories of a cold police state. 'I remember my mother being taken away for questioning. She was walking home from work late one evening.

Rafal holds a letter from his mother

'She was being detained, interrogated and then put into a car. She had to sign a statement saying she had not seen someone.'

Rafal is so used ...

Shoot, that might win a Pulitzer Prize.

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Apr 21, 2008
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Imagine having to grade essays written in class. longhand, by students who were never taught penmanship and are lost without spell check. LOL.
That would be a three Tylenol chore.
I found and reread some of my college notes. Spelling was terrible, sometimes I printed words, sometimes I wrote long hand. I tended to write what the gist of the topic was and bull shoot my way thru.

This was in the days before electronics took over note taking.
I had a heck of a lot of notebooks. I'd fill up several notebooks for each course. Most of it was drivel the instructors said that never seemed to make it on tests, but I had it all. I wrote fast and sloppy.


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You know, we've never really understood the essence and nature of consciousness, another way of viewing self-awareness. How wild would it be if Microsoft has actually created it without really knowing what they were doing...


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Dec 11, 2002
There are several sites devoted to checking for AI generated content. Our school is planning on using it next year for student work. Just another short cut for students that inhibits creating good thinking skills.
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