Citizen University - Has anyone heard about this?


Nov 1, 2005
Huntsville, AL

From their "About us" page: said:
Citizen University is building a culture of powerful, responsible citizenship across the country. We envision a great civic revival across our nation — our dream is a country in which Americans are steeped in a sense of civic character, educated in the tools of civic power, and are problem-solving contributors in a self-governing community.
From their "Programs: Civic Saturday" page: said:
In a time of deep anxiety, disconnectedness, and political polarization, people need a place to come together in civic community—in a room face-to-face—to reflect on and rededicate ourselves to the values and practices of being a contributing member of civic life in the United States. Civic Saturday is a gathering of friends and strangers in a common place to nurture a spirit of shared purpose. At the gathering we reflect and connect around the values and practices of being an active citizen, reckon with and reflect on our nation’s creed, and build civic fellowship to create new civic traditions that are joyful and communal.Civic Saturday began in Seattle, and now is in over 30 cities across the country. Learn more about upcoming gatherings below!
I don't have the time to take the lead on something like this in my community, but I think something like this might be useful to be a place where people can get together and start hashing stuff out in a non echo-chamber like fashion. I know that since it is coming from Eric Liu, it will likely turn off a good number of folks (Deputy Assistant to President Clinton for Domestic Policy at the White House between 1999 and 2000). Not to mention that it started in Seattle, which automatically makes it a non-starter for some.

I would definitely participate and get out to events. I have been thinking we need something like this to help get people participating. Most of the time when I am talking/discussing/arguing with people over issues, much of it is spent just ensuring that we are starting from the same basic facts and laws. This is tangential to the laziness post I made in the Trump thread, if people are willing to spend some of their time at an event like this, I hope they would at least have some interest in preparation.


Scout Team
Jun 8, 2017
I wouldn't mind something like this in my community. My concern (and it cuts both ways) is that whomever is leading this in whatever community is that it will come from one's political leanings instead of just reading/studying the Constitution or whatever civics topics on face value and people actually having CIVIL discourse instead of it breaking down and becoming a mudslinging fest.
I also believe that they should bring real civics classes/studies back in school.
I fully agree that we really need to have some good conversations but if we're going to do that and it be productive about it we have to treat others with respect whether they agree with me/you or not.
The way we're going about things now is just totally destructive.

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