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Apr 26, 2008
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Too many. If you’re an annual playoff contender and in the Top 5 every season losing to unranked opponents isn’t a good look. During the game they put up a state that said they last time Clemson lost to an unranked opponent was 2017. That stat doesn’t impress me.
I remember when Dabo managed to lose to Pitt with Deshaun Watson and they nearly lost to Syracuse 2 years in a row. I’m sure someone will say “well Urban lost to Purdue and Iowa”. But Urban also constantly had to go through schedules with top 10 teams. And in what universe does Iowa on the road compare to Pittsburgh at home?


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Mar 31, 2000
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It should be right now. Clemson has no dynasty except in the minds of their fans
It's a one play dynasty.

Take any single moment from the 2017 title game and have Alabama instead win a three-peat - Bo's injury, pick plays, whatever - and nobody seriously considers them any sort of dynasty. The same thing happened with Clemson that happened with Nebraska in the mid-90s (though to be clear, Nebraska did have a dynasty going). Their one signature win had a halo effect that went both forward and backward and turned their "artificially close at the end" loss in 2016 into "they nearly won" and made it "they came within one play of three titles in four years," the 44 points on Alabama covering all their deficiencies, flaws, and crap schedules. Nebraska only won the 97 title because of the 95 title. Clemson made the playoff in 2020 largely due to "but 2018!"


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Mar 31, 2000
Four all beef patties, 6 feet under: the McCPR
Minnesota (1934-1941)
Notre Dame (1943-49)
Oklahoma (1949-1956)
Alabama (1961-1966)
Miami (1986-92)
Florida St (1993-2000)
Alabama (2009-????)

Minimum Requirements
- at least two champmionships
- dynasty status may extend beyond last title if you were in the running/played for title after your last one. I'm willing to count Miami in 1986 because those seniors won the national title as freshmen in 1983.
- has to "cross recruiting classes" (e.g. 2 titles in 3 years tends to be a huge chunk of the same players), which is another way of saying "at least five years"

Clemson's "dynasty" is basically the 2006-2012 Florida Gators without the average season thrown in.

2006 is 2016 - won title with a loss (Florida blew out Ohio St, Clemson barely beat Alabama)
2007 is 2017 - didn't win title or look particularly good
2008 is 2018 - looked like the best team in the country
2009 is 2019 - got clobbered in last meaningful game by team that won the title
2012 is 2020 - right on the periphery of the playoff teams but not sure they belong, lose last game
2010 is 2021 - same coach with big name is there and they don't look real good at all

I even have serious reservations about 93-00 FSU.
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Sep 12, 2006
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Dabo''s recent struggles were a product of him finally running into the problem of losing BOTH underclassmen and coaching staff that Saban has been dealing with for years. Throw on top of that injuries and here we are, it was bound to happen, and it finally did.
Saban managing staff turnover the way he has makes our run even more impressive.

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