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Sep 18, 2002
I do not know why Saban made Pete coach the inside LB here when he has never coach that position before but he does. It's the worst I have seen it under Saban by far. They are horribly coached and that was seen instantly when he came in. The guy is a bad teacher as a position coach much less DC. If you can't even get the heart of the defense correct then you have no business as a DC. I had to learn every position in and out before I could become a DC. Pete is not ready for this level.

The scary part is Saban let Pete change the defense scheme. unfortunately Saban still holds on too tight to coaching the DBs and that scheme. That has been a bad combo that talent has helped cover. He will have to let Pete go and let the DC have real input in the secondary as well as the front seven. No more two Dline junk especially on the goal line. We have to start hitting on these dline recruits and in order to do so play dlineman.
I agree. Can't really explain the Goldy thing except that it kind of evolved the way it did. Truth is, we whiffed on a bunch of D Linemen the past couple of cycles which does not help. But yea, Coach needs to get proven DC and hand the reigns over. That said, dude is the living legend, the GOAT of all GOATs. He got this far on his wits let us just hope he continues to evolve in this era of change.

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Feb 4, 2018
Marietta, GA
I cannot believe anybody on Tidefans really believed Sanders would take Golding off our hands.
Nobody wants him..................but Saban needs to do the needful and just fire him. If he is here a few more years and Bama's defense falls apart, the criticism from former players and fans will grow even more intense.............and blaming lack of execution will cease to be a legit thing

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