Coca Cola Collegiate Collection 1989


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Dec 3, 2003
Falling Water, TN
I have approximately 50-60 of these cards covering Bama players from #3 A.T.S. "Pooley" Hubert, 1922-25 Quarterback, Meridian, MS to #571 Willard Scissum, 1981-84, Offensive Guard, Huntsville, AL Lee High School. By anyone's math, there are a lot of cards missing but I have a total of 50+ scattered within these card numbers.

I know nothing about these cards -- they were my late husband's. I am currently "decluttering" the house and I know these cards belong in a home of someone who collects them/can really appreciate them.

I'm asking $10 plus postage for all of them or o.n.o. If they are worth more, then good luck to the first person who PM's me with a wish to own them. We can then arrange payment and delivery.
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