Congrats GOP, this is who you now are


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OMG! This paragraph:

Take a look at the misfit toys who were fired, purged, or forced to flee the White House in the last 20 months and you’ll see the pattern play out over and over again; from hero to villain in a few easy tweets. Fox News blasts them constantly to isolate and shame former loyalists based on the whims, impulses, and fever dreams of a mad king.


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Behold the Master Race everyone

Unite the right founder, Jason Kessler getting yelled at by his Dad while doing a video from his parents bedroom

Apparently, the “fatherland” is not as sympathetic as he expected.

A notorious neo-Nazi rally’s organizer was caught on tape being scolded by his daddy for using his parents’ bedroom to livestream his hate.

Jason Kessler, who concocted last year’s deadly Unite The Right rally, was talking anti-Semitic conspiracy theories with his neo-Nazi pal Patrick Little when his dad busted in the room and started yelling at him, video shared on social media shows.

“Hey! You get out of my room!” Kessler’s father can be heard shouting. “I want this to stop in my room, Jason, this is my room.”


Sep 4, 2003
And liberals have become Auburn fans: suddenly worried about the morals of the other team, offering nothing of substance, wishing failure on the other team instead of improving themselves (see the alleged quote about hoping for a recession), and if Trump removes Federal prosecution for marijuana he will have paved the way for it to be legalized. That leaves Democrats vowing to fix America by raising taxes and increasing Government spending. That's a tough sell.

Lest we not forget Democrats are the party that thinks rape isn't so bad and you need to ask babies permission before you change their diapers.

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The irony of this post is so thick, I had to put on an oxygen mask to be able to breathe.


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Oct 23, 2005
Economist/YouGov poll

Is it possible that a person who uses the 'N-word' while in office can still be a good President of the United States?
64% of Republicans say yes
16% of Democrats say yes

Do you find the 'N-word' offensive?
43% of Republicans say yes
73% of Democrats say yes

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