Crimson Tide Recruiting Secret Weapon – Pete Golding


Sep 18, 2002
All hyped out on the NCG coming up tomorrow I’ve been reading recruiting news all day. The flavor in recruiting news lately is that Kirby is the young energetic coach and Nick is the business man. Enter Pete Golding…

“When you enter UTSA’s practice field, there are typically a few coaches walking around talking to players trying to get the energy up. In the first week and a half of fall camp, and in much of the spring, one of the more energetic coaches on the practice field has been defensive coordinator Pete Golding.”

UGA has the #1 recruiting class currently and perception is that he is poised to take over the SEC in recruiting. But Nick knows a thing or two about recruiting and maitaining Alabama’s momentem in dominating the subject. Young and energitic, he raises the stakes…

“Golding was always one of UTSA's top recruiters during his time in San Antonio, and he routinely dug out some impressive hidden gems along the Gulf Shore. Golding has deep, deep roots in Mississippi, so expect him to make an impact for the Tide in that region.”

Pete will be officially working for the Tide on Tuesday. It is uncertain whether he can make any impact whatsoever on recruiting in this cycle. But one thing for sure…Nick continues his legacy as always being one step ahead of the competition and Pete Golding is poised to make his mark.


Oct 22, 2011
Near the Barn
I believe he is a very good addition to our staff. Especially from a recruiting stand point. We lost a good recruiter in Pruitt and Golding will help fill that void.


Jan 9, 2014
Good article, i think that formula for CNS has always been the difference between other programs. the recruiters can go out and be the fun, energetic ones but the head of he ship is all about business and the development of players for their futures. So it boils down to do you want to play for a program who's HC focuses on being fun and energetic or do you want to play for a HC that focuses on your future and development as well as having fun, energetic coaches on the staff?


1st Team
Feb 20, 2005
After reading the article on about the recruits that flipped to Georgia, I think the younger assistants will be even more important in Saban's last years. When the recruits start using terms like grandfather and saying that Kirby is more relatable, that's a bit of a red flag for me.

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