December 7, 1972: Apollo 17.....our last mission to the moon.....


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Oct 1, 2011
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With Gene Cernan, Harrison Schmitt, and Ron Evans on board, this was NASA's sixth and final spaceflight to the lunar surface.

Memorably, before he boarded the Lunar Module to blast off from the Moon's surface, Cernan radioed back to Mission Control on Earth. People, he said, would return to the Moon "not too long into the future." Speaking to him much later in life, it was clear from Cernan's frustrations that he did not mean decades into the future.

When he died five years ago, at age 82, Cernan remained the last person to walk on the Moon.



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Jan 5, 2021
Thanks much for the info! While on vacation back in 1971, my mom, dad and I took a tour of Kennedy Space Center, and saw 15 on the launch pad a few days from liftoff. We left out the morning of the launch, and pulled over on the side of the highway to watch it in the sky, as many others were doing. Great memories!
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