Deion is on his way to Colorado


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Sep 30, 2011
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Colorado athletics hits $18M deficit for pandemic-impacted year (

The pandemic led to an $18M "deficit for the Colorado athletic department" for FY '21, according to Brian Howell of the Boulder DAILY CAMERA. That number is "not as bad as originally feared, and CU is optimistic about a solid rebound this year." CU AD Rick George had "projected a deficit" of $20M or more. Several schools around the country "reported deficits significantly larger," such as Utah ($31M), Iowa ($42M) and Rutgers ($73M). CU is "projecting a much better" FY '22. The athletics budget for FY '22 "includes revenue and expenses in the $89 million range, which is where the budget was prior to the pandemic." CU generated about $21.5M in "football ticket sales and donations during the 2021 season." It generated roughly $43.2M in revenue for FY '21, a drop of about $46.7M from the previous year. Much of that loss "can be attributed to playing in empty stadiums and arenas and a reduced Pac-12 distribution." To cover the $18M deficit, CU "took advantage of the Pac-12’s COVID loan program." CU was the "only school to take the loan" (Boulder DAILY CAMERA, 1/27).


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I'm pretty certain that part of the reason to extend an offer to Sanders was to try and get an immediate influx of money into the program, aka "money grab". I could be wrong, but my guess the moment this hire was announced (and especially after the well televised press conference) that any luxury suites in the stadium has been immediately renewed and demand for tickets for home games just went through the roof.


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He will ... but the challenge is ... its STILL in Colorado. He will get some big names but that will taper off over the next few years once players see what Bolder has to offer ... or a lack thereof.
Boulder isn’t that far from Denver. If we are talking about what a state and city offer as a gauge of successful programs then Colorado should be on the same level as Alabama is currently because there is far more things to see and do on the center and east side of Colorado (Denver and Springs) then there ever will be in Tuscaloosa Alabama.

Coaches and elite recruiting plans make elite programs. Location rarely plays that much of a factor. Will Deion turn Colorado into a powerhouse… idk but Colorado is a place that can see sustained success with the right guy. But what I do know is that the PAC 12 just got more interesting and competition just increased.


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Sep 18, 2002
I don't think he'll have enough time @ Colorado to be a serious consideration when Saban leaves, unless he makes them real good, real quick.
I think Prime will be making noise in 23. Could be at the top of the Pac in 24. 25 and beyond...just have to wait and see how things develop.


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Dec 10, 2016
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I think this will blowup and it won't take long. Deion is all about Deion and it won't take long for these players to figure it out.

He will initially bring in top talent but when things don't go well he will blame everyone but himself and the portal will soon be filling with UC players.
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