Eli Gold Not Expected To Return To Booth In 2024


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Aug 7, 2020
Or we could turn that around and ask that hangers-on have some respect for the institution and walk away when it is time without forcing the institution to push them out. I travelled more than normal last football season, and as a result, I listened to several games on the radio. It was almost impossible to follow the game. Eli goes whole sets of downs at times with never mentioning down, distance, yardage gained. And other times, he would only fill in the details of the previous play halfway through the next. So many "the ball carrier made positive yardage" with no indication of who was in the game as running back and if positive yardage was 3 yards or 9.

It was time for him to go. He has been an important part of Alabama football, but seasons change. It is incumbent on all of us to recognize when our season ends and allow an opportunity for the next generation. Look no farther than our politicians for further example.
I agree with your assessment. I appreciate Eli’s years of service, and his voice will be associated with some of the most memorable plays in Bama football history - especially during Coach Saban’s years. But honestly, I think many must have listened to him on their radios at the stadium or at home while they could watch simultaneously. If his radio call is all you had, it was tough to follow at times - much like you described. I appreciate all he has done, but I’m looking forward to Chris Stewart taking this over full time.


Feb 12, 2024
Meh. No one is bigger than the program, let alone a radio guy, as good as Eli was. As I mentioned, Saban pushed out Stabler for his guy Savage in 2007. There were only 2 people on the planet who could say they were quarterback of national title Alabama team and a Super bowl team, let alone MVP. And Kenny was one of them. And for whatever reason Namath has always been more embraced than Kenny was. They were both Bryant guys, they were both alcoholics and they were both champions at the 2 highest levels. But, Kenny was an outlaw, I guess.

I love almost everything Saban did, but I hated that. He clearly put Savage in there. And fwiw I thought Savage was terrible. I don't care if Kenny was half drunk, I just liked to hear him talk. So, yeah. It is what is. And in 2007 Saban could have said kiss my feet and Alabama would have, I guess.


Mar 9, 2017
IMO that is a good decision by the University I prefer Chris on social media they are making a big deal out of this how Stupid.


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Mar 31, 2000
Ugh Chipper Jones is greatest 3rd baseman lol
Uh, no.
When one guy hits more homers, has a substantially higher WAR, and leads in Gold Gloves at an infield position 10-0, this one ain't hard.


And now, back to "Days of Eli Gold's Lives"


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Sep 29, 2005
Eli worked for the network , but all of the schools have "the right of refusal" . They refused and Eli has chosen to take his case to the press . That's on him not the school . If he were actually loyal to Alabama , rather than his own ego , perhaps he would've shown some level grace and kept his mouth shut .


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Apr 26, 2008
South Alabama
One of the most revolting aspects of our interconnectivity with social media and the Internet is the delusion people have that they are going to change the world with their petitions and complaints.
the only time I’ve actually seen an online petition work in a major way was when a bunch of people got AT&T to force WB to release a 4 hr cut of a bad movie

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Nov 8, 2004
I don't listen to games on the radio and am not attached to Eli at all my opinion doesn't really matter. But, I kind of think Eli is the one who is in the wrong here.
Eli has turned a sympathetic position into being perceived as whiner whose ego won’t allow him to recognize that his time has come. He’s no longer perceived as a legend, but rather as a bitter old man yelling, “Get away from my job….it’s mine, mine, mine!”

So is ego is big enough where what was offered was basically considered offensive to him?

Says a lot about a man.
Yes, his ego is that big.

Details that are starting to come out — the University made multiple offers of a smooth transition including an honorary event, and Eli rejected all of it as insufficient. He then got in front of every microphone he could find, delivered humble brags that weren’t so humble, dislocated his shoulder patting himself on the back, and played the wronged martyr for all it was worth.

Yeah, that does say a lot about him.


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Dec 9, 2007
I like Chris Stewart. He’s overcome a lot to get to this position too. Glad to have a “Bama guy” as the main radio personality in the booth. Eli Gold was never a Bama guy.
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Oct 25, 2021
I've been an Alabama fan for 30 years now and I never once considered Eli to be anything more than an announcer.

Honestly, in the greater scheme of things, why does anyone care about this?
For some of us, Eli is attached to many great memories of Alabama football. For me, it is being out in the shop on Saturdays, listening to Eli Gold call the game while working with my Dad - Little things like that. I appreciate Eli, and the 36 years he called Alabama games.

I know he loves the university. Just because he’s not a legendary coach or player doesn’t mean he isn’t considered legendary by many fans - even if to you he is nothing more than an “announcer”.

To each their own.

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