Fifteeneessee baseball coach wins award


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Aug 15, 2008
Just read that the UT baseball coach has won a major award for their season's success. Just what is needed, another Major Award of a Leg Table Lamp!
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Aug 15, 2004
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He may have won an award but he and his team have gotten scorched by the baseball community both on the college level and the professional level for their behavior.

Again, (if I haven't been clear up until now) I HAVE ZERO problem with exuberate celebrations when a big play happens. I have zero problems with a batter jumping up and down, fist-pumping, and the dugout going nuts when they hit a walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth. I HAVE ZERO problem with that. The game should be fun, it should have emotion in it, and should be exciting.

HOWEVER, whether it is football, basketball, baseball, etc. The moment a team turns their celebration and excitement toward the other team and it is now taunting, a line has been crossed. Giving the middle finger on a home run trot, or staring the pitcher down, and yelling at him as "you" bat flip the bat all the way past first base and WALK all the way to first base to begin "your" home run trot shouldn't be tolerated on any level.

There was a day when teams handled it themselves and ultimately the behavior was corrected. But now, the "league" has stepped in and took that power out of the players'/coachs' hands and has done NOTHING about it. Which has opened the door for a player to be allowed to literally give a middle finger as he rounds first base on his home run trot. The good thing is, that type of approach to winning games is unsustainable and will fizzle quickly. They can still act like that, but it will not result in wins, but rather a lot more losses.
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