Former All American DL Robert Stewart has passed


3rd Team
Feb 2, 2005
Some of you may remember Robert Stewart who was an All American defensive lineman at Alabama (I believe from 1986-1991). He passed a couple of days ago at the age of 55. He was drafted by the Saints but didn’t make it in the NFL but had a 12 year career in arena football.

He played high school football at Houston County High in Columbia, Al. I remember him as the most feared football player in high school back then. He rarely played defense in high school but was a running back. He was about 6’-0” 250 and ran a 4.5 40. They would line him up at tailback about 8 yards behind the line of scrimmage and he was literally a battering ram by the time he made it to the line of scrimmage. The only way you could tackle him was to hit him at his ankle. I remember one play where 2 guys tried to tackle him high at the same time. One of the guys had a cracked sternum and the other a broken vertebrae. He was powerful. He held most of if not all of the weightlifting records at Alabama at the time and Bill Curry called him the most complete physical specimen he had ever seen. He had very little body fat.

I didn’t know him personally, but by all accounts from friends he turned out to be a great guy. He did get into some trouble in college I believe his sophomore year, but turned it around and became an all American his senior year.


Oct 24, 2011
Haleyville, AL
Early in this video of Bama vs. Texas 8&4, Stewart was in at fullback and caught a pass. This was the "Hurricane Bowl" makeup game after we rufused to send our team down there due to the threat of a storm. He played with Byron Holdbrooks back from my old high school days. Byron loved him and said he was one of the strongest guys that he ever played with at UA. RIP to Robert, Byron, and DT. All gone way too soon.


May 9, 2004
Jasper, AL
While at UA, I shared an elevator ride at Rose Towers with Stewart once. Just us two, and I thought that no one else would be able to squeeze in there. I'm taller than he was, but I think he was as big around as about four of me. Seemed like a nice dude. RIP

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