Formula 1 US Grand Prix


Mar 13, 2014
Albuquerque, NM
Exciting race and very tense at the end! Verstappen opens up a 12-point lead on Lewis Hamilton on what is generally considered a Mercedes-friendly circuit. Bold strategy by Red Bull to pit Max early twice - the first undercut made sense, but the second had me wondering especially as Hamilton seemed to be closing on Max - shades of earlier races where Hamilton was able to overtake Max at the very end with fresher tires. Great composure and tire management by Max keeping Lewis just outside of DRS rage (barely!) on the last 2 laps. The criticisms of Max as reckless and hot-headed get weaker with every race as he has shown incredible poise in the face of Hamilton's excellence, experience and mind games.

Bravo to Checo Perez for the podium finish without a functioning drinks system in Texas. The Maclaren-Ferrari battle behind the leaders was fun to watch too.

Looked like a great scene in Austin - here's hoping for more F1 races in the US in addition to Miami (extremely lame choice for a venue. So many historic circuits in the US that would be better.) Would love to see one in person one day.

Mexico and Brazil next up - should allow Red Bull to keep the pressure on Mercedes in both drivers' and constructors' titles.
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