Georgia Man freed after 40 years due to 4 overturned convictions


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Jul 31, 2007

The LaGrange Police Department, which helped send Talley to prison, and the Georgia Innocence Project have been re-examining his case for years. The police got involved after the DNA test eliminated Talley in one of the sexual assaults that authorities long believed were committed by the same man. In 2020, partly because the nonprofit Georgia Innocence Project had recently secured funding to hire an investigator, the lawyers and police embarked on a more intensive inquiry.

Police Chief Lou Dekmar said he was troubled by how weak the original evidence against Talley appears. Investigators also uncovered information about a new “person of interest,” said Dekmar, who joined the department 25 years ago.

The man hasn’t been named publicly, but a court filing says he worked in the local government back then and was accused of harassing women at LaGrange College, the small private Methodist school where the attacks started. The alleged harassment occurred at the same time as the string of assaults. But prosecutors violated Talley’s rights by failing to tell the defense about the worker, Talley’s attorneys say.
Yet another life wasted away by our system.

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Feb 6, 2001
I've watched older black people who know firsthand about this kind of legal mistreatment deal with this problem with more dignity than I could ever muster. How fitting it was the black voters in Georgia who were instrumental in delivering the coup de grace with Trump's reelection.


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May 25, 2003
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New verse, same as the first.

Until police & prosecutors are held to any standards at all - and punished. These stories will never end.
If it's due to intentional acts they should be charged with crimes and do time.
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Apr 13, 2012
If it's due to intentional acts they should be charged with crimes and do time.
Thing is, how do you prove intention? We know, but we can't prove it.

Maybe they should just be framed the way that they framed these poor souls.

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