Georgia with the #1 recruiting class?

The Ols

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Jul 8, 2012
The football Gods won't give you one if you KEEP calling it a NATTY!!!:pDT_old: on
I think it's well documented the Georgia faithful expect to win a national championship under Kirby Smart. Heck if you check with a certain segment of our delusional fan base, they will tell you we'll win a Natty every year. I'm a bit more realistic.


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Apr 29, 2002
What you`ve said is quite true. Alabama and Clemson are indeed there with UGA talent wise. The question that`s begged is this. Do the Georgia faithful expect Kirby and company to overcome those hurdles within the next two years and win a national championship? If not, why not ? Are they content to always be " close " ? Is there a tacit, unspoken acceptance that as long as CNS is at Alabama, everyone else, including UGA, will play second fiddle until he retires?

Don’t be silly TF, Georgia fans truly believe they will make CNS retire!

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