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Aug 14, 2012
This isn't a political post, and I request some mod love to help keep that out of here.

For any number of reasons, things are more expensive this year. The group that will feel this most fiscally will be middle, lower middle, and lower class. I've put together toys for tots donations for over 20 years. As is standard I go out black Friday and shop exclusively for children's toys and bicycles (someone else handles clothing cause that's very boring to me, but I shop for books on cyber Monday).

This year I've seen a shift in item prices that will drastically affect those classes for Chridtmahanzakwanikaa shopping. Bikes are $20-80 more compared to the exact same models last year. Children's toys that I've bought the same of for years are $5-20 more.

Take a moment this year and buy a few toys/ books/ clothes and donate them please. If you've never been a recipient from these programs, I assure, they are incredible. Feel free to share what you've done here. Maybe it'll inspire others.

And if you need funnier inspiration, YouTube "End speech from Scrooged." It really comes together in the final 3 minutes or so. Course language warning.


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Aug 22, 2001
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I was going to put this in an earlier thread I created, but it fits here also.

My family has been supporting a shelter in St. Augustine for homeless kids. My daughter has been organizing drives for food and toiletries to contribute to Thanksgiving. She started by posting on a neighborhood Facebook page my wife has. That attracted a good bit of attention and contributions of supplies and cash. I told Lily that I would match whatever she was able to collect. With my contribution, and after a trip to Costco, Lily was able to deliver just over $4000 worth of supplies to the shelter.

Since my wife worked a 24-hour shift on Thursday, we had friends over for Thanksgiving on Friday. So, Lily and I spent actual Thanksgiving at the shelter working in the kitchen.

It gets even better. Lily's Facebook efforts were noticed by her high school's "girl's basketball Mom." Lily's food and toiletries drive will now be promoted at JV and varsity girl's basketball games. Parents and students are encouraged to donate supplies at every game. We will stock up on supplies for the next donation before Christmas. And I will continue to match.

Proud of this girl. :)


Nov 20, 2004
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We do the shoe box gifts every year & track it to what part of the world the recipient is in. My kids absolutely love doing it. I also try to do one small thing a week - whether it's buying toiletries for a blessing bag, or donating new socks to the shelter, or purchasing one of the meal bags at the grocery.

I also get the kids to do one huge cleanout of toys and clothes a year to donate to the thrift store. I want them to understand that they don't need such an overwhelming amount of toys, and there are kids who's parents rely on thrift and goodwill to get presents every year. I do the same with clothes and "things". We've donated 4 stuffed bags this month, and I have another to take today.

When the kids got new bikes for their birthdays in spring - I took them downtown to the center that restores bikes for kids (and adults) & we donated their used ones to give to other kids.

I want them to understand that they are extremely lucky to live in the situation that we do. When my husband & I were first married - we couldn't have made it without a few well timed gifts from his job, and family. We were eating 5 year old dried beans for a while there. We barely were ok when we had our first son. A few different decisions, or health issues - & we'd be in a much different situation.

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