Happy birthday to the U.S. Air Force. 73 years old today.


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May 9, 2000
East Point, Ga, USA
That's a nice accomplishment. How long did he serve?
he got out right at 20 years. i think the last few after he stopped deploying were in reserves as he was working as an agent for ncis and then gsa at the time. he was bouncing around so much, it was getting hard to keep up with who he was working for. he thought about staying in longer, but had a daughter in 2017 and decided he didn't want to mess with it anymore and pulled the plug. he's still with the feds, based in idaho now.
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Aug 22, 2001
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My former next door neighbor in Virginia was in the Air Force. Got out as a captain (but I'm not sure how long he was in) and they bought a bunch of acreage in Culpepper, VA. Bumped in to him a year or so later on the VRE. He was working as a civilian employee with the feds. I asked if this was still with the Air Force. He replied, "Kind of. But as bureaucrats, we refer to it as the Chair Force." ;)
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