How do we submit a potential prospect to the coaching staff?


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I coach my son's 9-10 year old team. The head coach's son is a freshman in HS. He is left handed (6'2") and already throws in the lower 80's with offers from ULL (University of Louisiana Lafayette) and LSU is now looking at him. I asked his dad if he's been contacted by Alabama. He said no, yet there's another (right pitcher) kid here in the area who has already gotten an offer and is the same age.
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I thought I remembered seeing a way to submit a prospect through, but I couldn't find it just now.

I'd think the best way is to probably get him to come up for a camp during the summer. That's the way coaches find out about a lot of prospects. Not every kid is on PerfectGame, especially as a freshman (unless they go to a lot of PG events OR have someone create a PG prospect page for them, which most freshmen won't have).

If that's not really an option, you could always go here and go to the baseball section and send an email about it. I don't know who the best option to send it to is though. Normally there'd be a "recruiting coordinator" but none of the assistants technically have that title (officially, at least), so I guess it would be fine to send it to any of them?

Sorry I can't provide a more definite answer. Hopefully someone else can chime in with better information.
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I was gonna DM you zulli's number if need be! Best way I have found is through twitter. He sent it to me through there. I have communicated with him and Jackson. Our HS team (I am MS coach, brother is HS coach) has 4 D1 players. 3 pitchers and 1 catcher.
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