How good is Cincy?


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Dec 14, 2011
Savannah, GA
IMO Cincy is very good - not great. Would be in upper 3rd of Big10 or SEC. They play above their talent. They will be the best prepared and coached team we face all season.

The issue isn't Cincy. It's this Jekyll-Hyde version of Bama that we haven't seen to this extent in Saban era.
Agree. The depth of talent is not comparable. What happens between the ears for both the players and coaching staff has been the greatest variable all year IMO.


Jan 8, 2003
Argo, AL, St Clair
Historically the smaller quicker defensive lines give us trouble, especially early. I think it's important to game plan for quick hitting plays, get the ball to the receivers and get the run game going. keeping in mind they run game and the offense as a whole might not have success early, but the smaller quicker line may weaken and slow down as the game goes on. Defensively, just do what we do. Cause Damage.
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