How good (or bad) is Texas A&M?


Aug 12, 2015
Chesapeake, Virginia
I think pegging most teams is a craps shoot due to the craziness of this year. Developing consistency, discipline, and identity with the way that spring and fall practice developed is a challenge for all teams. Only the elite teams (Bama, Clemson, Ohio State) can really expect to be consistent (somewhat) in their output. It just seems like it's week to week around the league, and the same goes for the SEC. We also have more streaky coaches than ever before. Jimbo, Leach, Gus, and Kiffin have all shown sparks and spurts of genius, or at the very least, admirable competency, but none of them have either been consistent. SEC used to be top heavy with a ton of garbage at the bottom but it's trickier to pin down now because Mike Leach is liable to conjure up some sort of crooked football spell one week and then forgot where he put the keys to his car to get to the stadium the next. - Winter is Coming! : 30% Off Sitewide!
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