I Love My Pit Boss


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Aug 14, 2002
Birmingham & Warner Robins
Nice Ribs. Could have had a bigger Smoke Ring.
(Sounds like a Competition Judge.) :(

That's pretty much the Ribs I want to Smoke.
One competition convinced they were more interested in 'The Look' than The Taste.

The Pit Boss is a good rig. I like it.
Yeah, smoke rings are mainly for style points. I consider them a bonus. I'm happy if I get them--these ribs had some ring action, but it didn't show well on the photo.


Feb 2, 2002
Thomasville, GA, USA
Pit boss huh, I have been looking at the Recteq and traeger pellet grills, you guys got any other ones? I see a lot of good things about the Recteq and they are local here in Ga for me. Any real suggestions would be appreciated! Like most people, don't have a ton to drop on one, maybe $750 or so.


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Aug 8, 2011
Birmingham, AL
I actually went with a Mastebuilt 40 in vertical propane smoker about 18 months ago. About 4-5 times a year (mostly around holidays) I’ll cook for 20+ folks.

I’ve been really pleased with it. Very good, quality smoke and easy to maintain a consistent temperature. And it uses surprisingly little propane.

I have read where some folks say they can “taste” the propane in the meat. I’ve smoked turkeys, pork butts, beef & pork ribs, chicken and ham (even smoked some beans and my daughter’s favorite “smoked mac & cheese) and never had an issue with the taste.
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