Poll: If you were AD, what two schools would you call first for a home-and-home?


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Sep 29, 2005
SoCal & PnSt

Once the NCAA nails the Trojans & JoePa retires ....... Michigan & Texas


Aug 4, 2007
Cumming, GA
Texas, #1 by far because we have never beaten them and have played them only once outside the State of Texas. And that was in the Orange Bowl, not the State of Alabama.

Michigan, because we have never played in the "Big House". And we have not played them in the State of Alabama.
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Feb 19, 2005
Dothan, Alabama, United States
If I were AD here's what I'd try and setup and why.

I'd call Hawaii and try and setup an @ Hawaii once every 5 years, first game of the season. This would give the fans a great vacation opportunity. Having this game more frequent is too expensive for most fans.

You can't load the schedule with too many power houses so I'd go for more interesting mid-majors, rather than sticking to Sun-Belt teams I'd go for more MWC, WAC, and lower tier BCS teams. San Diego State, Air Force, Utah, Boise, Arizona, Northwestern to name a few.

As for big time opponents, we have to get Notre Dame, Texas, USC, and PAC-10 teams on the schedule. Forget the Big-10, Big 12 and ACC, we already have many bowl tie-ins with these conferences. We should be scheduling Oregon, Arizona State and such.

I'd also love to have a home and home with Miami. Any excuse to go to southern Florida is ok with me.

To recap:

- @ Hawaii every 5 years
- home and home with Miami, ND, Texas & USC (one team per season)
- more teams from Pac-10, MWC and WAC and less from C-USA, Sun Belt and - ACC (exception Miami).
- I'd also like to see Bama playing on the west coast once every few years. We could use the west coast exposure.


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Jan 8, 2004
Elsewhen, Alabama
My choices:

Notre Dame
Meeeechagain & da Goldun Dohm are both solid choices as are Texas, Oklahoma, USC, Penn State & even Hawaii. The first two I would call, if I were AD, are Notre Dame & Penn State. I can recall nothing but electricity in the air whenever Bama suited up against either of those two teams. That would definately be the two matchups I would want most. :cool:

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