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Feb 12, 2001
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In dealing with this major spine repair going forward I have discovered that my Macbook Pro 15 is way too heavy to be lugging around the house, etc...really pulls on my back. I have a 2nd generation IPAD that is almost useless...I cannot even surf the internet without it reloading, etc. It will not run the latest software...I use Apple because I can sync them together.

What model IPAD to you use for mail, surfing, and light word processing? How much memory do these need to function simply and easily? The camera is not that important...but I would use it for pictures if it were an improvement.

I can but a fully loaded, refurbished and warrantied IPAD 7th generation (2019), 10.2 retina display, etc, with 128GB and 3Gig RAM for about 400. Or I could get one with 32 GB for 299.

Thoughts? Guidance?


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Sep 15, 2011
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I have the 2020 Air and using it right now— it’s fine. I bought the 64gb and the downside is that the next model is the 256 so nothing between. The air will have a longer update life probably but you’ll pay more than the refurbished ones you mentioned.
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Nov 15, 2005
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I had a 2nd generation iPad, and like you, it finally got to the point that it was useless, I purchased a refurbished MacBook Air from Apple. It is slightly bigger than the iPad Pro with an 11.5 inch screen, very light weight, and fits into most carry bags. I use it with a mouse but a mouse is not required to navigate. It recharges very quickly. I have looked at iPads and probably would go with the current base model, but probably opt for the 128gb model which new from Apple is $429.
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Sep 9, 2002
I tried using an iPad Pro instead of my MacBook Air for a month or so but the difference in the keyboard and the interface was just too much for me, so I moved back to the air. If you've not tried a MacBook Air, I suggest you find a friend with one to see how heavy it is. The transition to the MBA will be much easier than to the iPad, imo.
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Jun 6, 2007
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Are the refurbished ones you mentioned the WiFi only version or the WiFi + cellular?

If it is WiFi only, I wouldn't buy the refurbished because you can get a brand new 8th gen for only $30 more ($429 - 128GB or $329 - 32GB). The new ones will get updates from Apple longer since they'll drop support for the 7th gen before the 8th gen.

If the refurbished ones are the WiFi + Cellular, then go with one of them because brand new would be $160 more ($559 - 128GB or $459 - 32GB). 7th gen will probably continue to get update for at least 2 more years.

No matter what, I would always go with the higher storage unless you are just set against spending the extra money. I'd rather spend more and have too much storage then save money now but run out of storage down the road. 32GB is not much by today's standards and I think it is crazy that Apple still makes devices with so little storage. Base storage on everything should be at least 128GB imo.

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