Is it too early for this? Who comes back and who turns pro?


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Aug 15, 2004
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Bolden is a better fit for what a lot of the pros are doing now than what we're doing offensively at Alabama. Bolden is mainly a slot wr and over the last 6-7 years we haven't incorporated a lot of the slot receiver. We've used it, it has come in handy at times, but we mainly use the x, y and z receivers in our passing game. Bolden isn't these type receivers, so he more than likely cannot improve his draft stock any because at this stage, the NFL already knows what he'll be in the NFL.


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Yeah, other than us really wanting him to it’s not a big loss. I really wanted him to. This defense is going to be just nasty.
I respectfully disagree. Harris was our best and most consistent LB the entire season. He's fast, strong and intuitive. However, he's probably a 1st round draft choice so I can't blame him. We've go others and they will be coached up...


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Jul 11, 2020
To say that it no big loss to lose the best ILB that Alabama has had in the last 3 years is just wrong.
The good news is To’oto’o was the play caller. And this was Lawson’s recruit eval:

First Round

Passes the eye test with long, athletic frame. Should be able to keep filling out in college. A disruptive linebacker that has found ways to impact games in a variety of different ways. Fluid mover that has no issues getting outside the hashes. Runs at times almost like a gazelle. Excellent in pursuit. Violent striker, lunging into ball carriers before wrapping up. Quickly diagnosis a play and reacts. Navigates through traffic to beat blockers to the spot. Doesn't shy away from contact. Aware in coverage.

Likely to develop into a multi-year starter at college football’s highest level given length, twitch and physicality. Should be viewed as one of the nation’s top off-ball linebacker prospects. Has the potential be a Day 1 selection in the NFL Draft if things work out.
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Apr 13, 2012
To me, Harris often picked the wrong spot for most of his career. And I felt that outside of the postseason he often hesitated too much before making a play.

if HTT can keep improving his play calls,and we can get a fast thumper who can guard a tight end, we will be ok.
He had a great last 4 games. Great. I just don't see him going before the middle of round 2, so this is a mistake for him that hurts Alabama.

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