Is this the BEST college football team of all time?


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Jul 17, 2005
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I think when ESPN or those other sites do those "greatest team ever" lists they always focus on what players did/are doing in the NFL. Just by awards Bama has the best player (Maxwell, Heisman), best QB, best RB, best WR, best O-line, best coordinator, best long snapper, a kicker that was perfect all through the most difficult year with some of the worst of circumstances. That isn't even counting all the snubs (Surtain).

The amazing thing about these awards, they all have the stats to back it up, they truly were the best in every sense.

If these guys never a play a down in the NFL, this is the best "college team" in the history of college football.
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Mar 31, 2000
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The only thing I think LSU still has left (from last year's team) is the draft. I would argue with any of them that the accolades won by this team will trump whatever happens. I love the irony, Auburn wins in 2010, Bama follows it up with one. LSU has "greatest year in history" Bama....hold my beer.

As a reminder - 2019 LSU damn near lost to 2019 Alabama.

They'd get blown off the field by 2020 Alabama.

There's your answer as far as that one goes.

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