Jeff gordon wins at martinsville


Hall of Fame
Feb 21, 2009
Meridianville, Al

Jeff wins for the 8th time there. A very emotional moment as his family was there and this being his last yr. This win gets him in the final race at Homestead for a chance at the Championship.

I was at the Atlanta Motor Speedway November 16, 1997 celebrating with other fans at the start finish line where Jeff won his 2nd championship. A lot of Nascar drivers owe a lot to Jeff as he helped change the face of Nascar and brought a lot of money into the sport. This win had the same feel as that 1997 moment for me being Jeff's last year. For me it would be great for the sport if Jeff could pull off a victory at Homestead. Don't think he has the best team right now but as Nascar fans know, stranger things have happened .