Joe Burrow Claims He Separated His Shoulder Thursday Before Last Year's Game


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Nov 23, 2007

Joe Burrow is just about to bite into a chicken thigh set on a bed of white rice and slathered in barbecue sauce when a question from someone across the table delays his lunch. He stops, looks up from his plate and gazes toward the questioner with a how in the hell do you know about that look.

He didn’t even tell his mother about this, nor did he tell his brothers, and his father was only briefly aware of it. Just a handful of his LSU teammates really know the full extent of what happened that day in practice when during a goal line drill last November, he tripped and tumbled to the turf, landing on his throwing arm. Crunch. He separated his shoulder.

It was a Thursday. On Saturday, he played against top-ranked Alabama. “Get shot up with a bunch of drugs and go out and play,” he explains. This was not some deceitful Varsity Blues–like ploy by coaches to pressure a player to compete hurt. This was Joe Burrow, already heralded as the toughest man around this town, convincing coaches to let him play in the biggest game of the year. Making matters worse, his backup, Myles Brennan, was injured with a back issue that the program had kept quiet. During a portion of practice that week, Andre Sale, a walk-on, even served as LSU’s No. 1 QB.


Sep 27, 2016
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Wow. Interesting if true.

I will say Burrow has been one tough QB with all the hits he’s taken the past 2 years.

I don’t want anyone to get injured from either team, but I hope our pass rushers can get to him and affect his play.


Oct 20, 2014
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Their last drive in 2018 he was passing like crazy. I don't think you do that on a separated shoulder, assuming it was the throwing shoulder. He also was sacked by Q a few times so further banged up.


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Sep 30, 2011
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I don't know if this whole thing is true or what. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. I found it hard to believe that he played with separated shoulder two days before the game.

There are no known measures that can help prevent a first time injury. Athletes with shoulder separations may be limited from sports participation for several weeks after the injury. ... In general, athletes may return to play when pain improves, shoulder movement is normal, and arm strength is normal.


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Jan 12, 2000
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Separated shoulder or not he was not very effective all season last year.
Jake Coker separated his shoulder in the LSU game the year he played as well.


Sep 24, 2016
I really don't like Burrow or L9U. Just watching L9U play this year, I have noticed their team seems undisciplined and cocky. They do not play in a respectful manner.

However, they are still talented. They remind me of some of the old Miami teams.

I do respect Burrow's talent, but I hope we plant him in the middle of Bryant Denny all day long.


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Oct 24, 2018
I don't know if this whole thing is true or what. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. I found it hard to believe that he played with separated shoulder two days before the game.
I don't know. The human mind can do many things.

We had an important night baseball game coming up and I was scheduled to pitch. I woke up that morning with a pinched nerve that created thunderbolts down my back and right arm with almost any movement of my neck or upper body.

My dad gave me a massage. I took a long hot bath and even got into the gym and used the whirlpool before the game. When I showed up I told the coach I couldn't play much less pitch but he begged me to at least warm up on the mound and if I couldn't take it he'd pull me in the first inning.

The first warmup pitch sent shock waves through my arm but somehow I self hypnotized to mask the pain. I remember absolutely nothing of that game and was brought out of my "trance" when the guy doing the stats ran up to me to shake my hand congratulating me for pitching a perfect game. I didn't even know the game was over. I also didn't know that I'd hit two home runs and a double until I read the stat sheet.

The pain returned and didn't go away until I visited a chiropractor two days later.