Kyriq McDonald granted immediate eligibility at Cincinnati


Aug 8, 2011
Birmingham, AL
Seizure disorders can be a difficult thing to figure out at times. I had one when I was in my mid twenties. Never figured out why and thirty plus years later, I still haven’t had a second one.

Sometimes, if you have history of seizures, it can be something as simple as dehydration that triggers them. Evidently McDonald has documented history.

As as bad as they look, generally they can be managed rather easily when you have them. Managing to prevent them is more problematic. That is what Cincinnati, the Medical staff, and Kyriq face.

As as I mentioned earlier, my late brother had epilepsy. His was a result of brain damage incurred when he was a child from very high fevers with pneumonia. He was controlled most of his life with Dilantin.

He played football in high school (in the early 1960’s), was All County and was going to walk on at Jacksonville State. Unfortunately when they found out about his history of epilepsy, the university decided he couldn’t play.

We’ve come a long way since those days. I think for most programs however, it isn’t as much a medical management or player safety issue these days. I think some of it is the “optics” of a situation of a seizure occurring during a game as happened Saturday. It can be a disturbing thing for some to witness.

I hope they figure out what is better to do for Kyriq, regardless of whether football is a part of it or not.

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