News Article: Laiken's Fight


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Oct 8, 2016
Please view my profile to see our Bama girls pic. Half of our family is LSU and the other is Bama. We love our SEC football, but this year we have sad news from on my niece she is the Bama fan. We are posting on LSU board also so we can spread the word about Laiken. My sister Pam Parsons and I wanted to try and help this doll baby. This is our niece Laiken. She turned 11 months old yesterday and was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, she has four tumors on her head and one on her kidney and is undergoing Chemo in Jackson. Laiken is the daughter Laura Snow Cole(ER Registered Nurse) and Howard Cole(Police Officer). She is the granddaughter of Mike & Kay Snow, great granddaughter of Sue Snow Morris, grandfather Howard Cole, niece to Carlee & Chaise Fairchild, Ben & Connie Franklin, Pam Parsons, Will Parsons, Brooks Norris, Aunts and Uncles Robin & David Miller of Collinsville, Brandie & Kendall Ingram. If Laiken stays on course, she will finish in December with stem cell given back to her & then she will have to stay in the hospital in isolation for three weeks. So that will be Christmas. She will also be in hospital for her birthday & Thanksgiving, if she stays on schedule. This is by far the hardest thing they have ever gone through. We have family and friends from New York, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and Washington. I know that if all our friends and family post this on their Facebook, this will spread nation wide for prayers and healing. If you have never had a sick one in your family you can't imagine the cost. You lose your pay for being off, the cost of gas to and from hospital, food for being at hospital weeks at a time. The last thing you even think about is the mortgage, power bill, car note and other expenses, all you want is your baby to be healed. Please pray God will heal up this little doll baby. Check her out on GO FUND ME under Laiken's Fight in her BAMA outfit.

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