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Jan 17, 2010
Louisville Kentucky, via Birmingham Alabama
Thank you for all your thoughts and Prayers. The hormones didn't work and she had her first infusion Friday afternoon, little or no side effects. I brought her home from the hospital yesterday about 5:00 PM. She has another infusion Friday, and then another the following Friday, then a week off and repeat. This is especially hard both of us are in our seventies, certainly not what we were expecting. The doctor said to "go home and Pray for healing for you and wisdom for me",and then he hugged her. I wrap her legs with ace bandages to reduce the swelling, and massage them. The taxol infusion should stop the cancer, shrink the tumors and dry up the fluid on her lungs stomach and heart, and so far has seemingly started to do so, as the fluid build up has halted, so far. We pray for it's 100 % efficacy! Please keep Praying for her it really helps and again thank you all.