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Apr 21, 2008
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Mind games are all well and good, I suppose, but personally I`d just like to see them line up and open a few holes that even I could run through!
The main advantage at excelling at mind games is you can get under their skin, and some of them may over react and draw penalties.
(Remember the MASH MOVIE... ;) )
I certainly hope we don't run our mouth too much. That can backfire on us.


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That's all I have time for now, taking Nancy to the hospital for an procedure. Will post later.

Welp, we're in the 2nd half, tied( hormones weren't effective, Taxol infusion started}, we stopped them, got the ball back, and scored ( Taxol), but we'll have to wait for the official review to see if it's good, (Doctor reviews bloodwork, and x-ray). A replay tentatively shows it was good, (home health Nurse said her lungs were clear, and other vital signs) It's a real fight, an old fashioned slobber knocker, on a muddy field, but we've got a little momentum, and we're going to kick C's butt!

Alabama vs. South Carolina preview: When Alabama has the ball

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