Leaked emails show Russia's lobbying with Sessions and the Trump tower lawyer


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a lot to unpack here:

leaked emails show that massive law firm Baker Hostetler was violating court orders and FARA (what manafort is in jail for) intentionally to help Russia Lobby against the Magnitsky Act. They were working for the Russian Lawyer Veselnitskaya who came to fame in the Trump Tower "adoption" meeting. Baker Hostetler had worked previously for Bill Browder on the same case so were barred from working this one by court order but continued anyway behind the scenes while putting other lawyers from a different firm up front to conceal what they were doing from the court.

Also claim that they had communications with Jeff Sessions (who you should recall, claimed to talk to no Russians and then amended that claim to claim he had met with the Russian Ambassador "In his duties as a Senator" but "never discussed sanctions, ever")
[COLOR=rgba(2, 20, 31, 0.85)]The leaked emails suggest Cymrot wrote to Veselnitskaya on April 17, 2016 to outline their progress: “Rinat has told us that Senator Jeff Sessions is willing to start an investigation into how the Magnitsky Law came about.”[/COLOR]
Veselnitskaya and her team due to US Disclosure laws were able to ascertain who one of the Russian witnesses was. He later "accidentally" fell out of a 5 story window. Emails suggest her team forwarded his name to Russia. FWIW he lived, claims it was no accident but has no memory of what happened

good reporting and well worth the read


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