Maui Invitational moving to North Carolina


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Mar 24, 2003
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I hope so. Last year's game with UNC didn't sit well with me and I'd like to see the rematch. Really thought we could have won it and that's with several players that didn't really fit CNO's system. Playing them again with this year's roster? Yes, please. I just hope we're able to get a game (or two) scheduled prior to that tournament. Would be rough going in there as a first game.
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Jan 9, 2014
Stanford is picked to have a very good team. Need to be careful not to look ahead. We need everything we can get.
Yep both Stanford (24) and UNC (26) are currently ranked ahead of us in the preseason rankings. We're currently ranked 28. We definitely have to take them seriously.

Last year's team had tremendous opportunities to make early statements and came up just short in key games. Those ended up being the difference in them making the tourney. Hopefully this years team will developing the mentality of finishing these key games early. Them bonding and gelling as a team during off-season practice is going to be huge for the success of this team.
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