Midterms, will House and Senate flip?


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Mar 31, 2000
Four all beef patties, 6 feet under: the McCPR
In a bizarre way - only worse - the GOP is in the same situation the Democrats were in when it became crystal clear that Hillary was going to run for President ad infinitum (er, I mean in 2008). To a large degree as the saying goes, the Dem bench was "not that deep" behind the Clintons, and people were afraid to cross them because the Clintons did play hardball.

That being said, the Clintons weren't going to spend months tweeting or even worse having people actually believe that someone else was as bad as they were saying or viscerally responding to Agent Orange. NOW the GOP - which just a few years ago had some potential major league prospects in Rubio, possibly Christie, possibly a mainstream push with Charlie Baker or a couple of more "potential" names has tainted everyone by having to bow down to the master or quit politics altogether because even the actual right-wingers (as opposed to the spend like tax/spend liberals but attack the left)are like, "I'm not THAT crazy."

Wanna know what wins elections? Either authenticity or reasonably seeming authenticity.

I suspect the only reason Trump runs in 2024 is to get his immunity from prosecution back.

The fear you better have is that Trump COULD, in fact, be named Speaker of the House by the new GOP majority and then spend his time doing God knows what to Biden from Capitol Hill.

Rick Wilson, the GOP consultant heading the Lincoln Project, has mocked McCarthy, saying he's a moron if he thinks he's actually going to be Speaker if they get the majority. (Wilson says Jim Jordan will get it).

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