Most 10 win seasons of the decade in the SEC

The Ols

Jul 8, 2012
Alabama – 10
Georgia – 7
LSU – 6
Florida – 4
Auburn – 3
South Carolina – 3
Missouri – 3
Arkansas – 2
Kentucky – 1
Mississippi State – 1
Ole Miss – 1
Texas A&M – 1
Tennessee – 0
Vanderbilt – 0
I'd be curious as to the most 11 win season totals...


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Apr 13, 2012
11 win seasons 2010-2019
Alabama 9
Georgia 4
South Carolina 3
Auburn 2
Florida 2
Missouri 2
Arkansas 1
Texas A&M 1
UT 0
Ole Miss 0
Mississippi State 0
Kentucky 0
Vanderbilt 0


Alabama 9
Rest of the SEC 18
Far more impressive in an era with 12 game seasons.
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Ten-win seasons were a big deal when there were 11 games (or 12 at most).

Given how many games we've played, it's probably not worth discussing anything below 12.

It's like when the NFL used to boast about 1,000-yard rushers. The first guy to ever do it (some dude on the Bears in 1934), there were 13 games. A thousand yards was hardly worth boasting about when there were 14 games; a 16-game running back who gains 1,000 yards is averaging less than 63 yards rushing per game.

That's not even worthy of comment.

Keep in mind we are now in an SEC where winning six games is like sleeping.

Vandy has been bowl eligible (with 6 wins or more) six times since 2008 because of a 12-game regular season; this is a team that went to THREE bowl games in their entire history prior to 2008.

Let's say your name is Miss State.

1) Load up on four OOC cupcakes (bad for your diet, great for your bowl chances)
2) Hope you draw Vandy and beat them
3) Beat Kentucky, whom is your so-called other division rival.

At this point, you've won SIX games, and you're going to Shreveport.

Then you can

4) hope to catch Arky, Ole Miss, or ATM in a down year (all 3 makes you a 9-win team).
5) play your very best game against LSU or Auburn and pull off the upset.


You've now won ten games and you really haven't done much at all given you no doubt got blown out by Alabama and either LSU or Auburn.

Not diminishing it but 10 wins in 14 games is not really impressive. (Granted - we've won WAY more than that but less than 12 isn't worth discussing).
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Dec 15, 2000
Hephzibah, Ga
SEC record 76-11
Just over 1 loss per year.

This may be the most intimidating of the stats out there. Especially considering some of the bizarre ways we were beaten. (I don't want to remember those losses either!).

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