My view on 9/11

I have very mixed emotions every 11 September.

People I know where killed, so I always attend a ceremony and get teary-eyed.

I detest the big government that gets us into unnecessarily expensive and bloody nation building. I detest the politicians who bathe in the glory of someone else's battlefield heroism.

I respect service men and women who are in and have been to battle, and my wife and I give to charities that support them.

Service members who just serve a bureaucratic function .... meh. I don't dislike these people, but I don't believe in blanket over-the-top respect. Just like the stranger who is a lawyer or bartender or payroll clerk, I view the bureaucrat in green with indifference.

A few years after the attacks, I was working in corporate finance, and about this time of year I took my underlings on a team building and reward trip to Annapolis. I used my expense account to rent a boat, have lunch catered, and watch the Blue Angels perform. As we were making our way to the marina, we encountered some anti-military protesters. Their hatred for Bush was so misguided that they were profanely protesting the existence of the Naval Academy and wishing the Blue Angels would crash. I have nothing but contempt for these moronic beta antifa forerunners. One should not have unquestioned blanket respect for the military (or anything), but having blanket hatred ......
I always hated the cheerleaders for these freaking wars who would say "thank you for your service" to these men and women in airports, on their way to distant battlefields......yet the well-wishers always had "other priorities" when it came to putting their arse in front of the cannons.

One of my older brothers played college football. He likened these whipper-snappers to the frat boys in the stands who were always exhorting the players to "kick some #sss". He hated Dubya for that John Wayne swagger, "bring 'em on!" Was it someone here who made me spit coffee, saying, "I felt so safe back during Vietnam seeing George Bush fly sorties over my house."

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