NASCAR Racing 2003 (PC) Season and extra CDs


Jun 25, 2002
I am getting rid of a bunch of stuff I had sitting in my closet. I still have this game in the original jewel case/ instruction book/ and original box if anyone is interested. I can also throw in a few CD's full of car sets/ mods/ tracks that I collected over the years. And if you are interested I also have a Thrustmaster steering wheel/ pedals with the NASCAR logo. This game alone is going for $50-$100 still on eBay to this day. It is the best NASCAR simulator ever made. The graphics and mods by the modding community are amazing. There is still a community for this game online also.

I'll take the best offer if anyone is interested. If not it goes on eBay soon. I wanted to give the Video Game Gurus a shot first.


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