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Sep 10, 2000
Cullman, Alabama
" Becoming a business as opposed to a game ." ? I personally think we`re already there. I hate to say it and regret having to do so, but I personally don`t feel the same emotional tie to college football that I did just a few short years ago. I can`t remember the last NFL game I watched. Probably the year the Saints won the Super Bowl.
Regretfully, I feel your pain as well.
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Aug 12, 2011
He probably looked at around and felt he wouldn’t be able to win the other guard spot or not wasnt confident he could so he dipped out.
Still perplexing - Ekiyor is likely gone. Steen is gone. Cohen started most of the year. Yes, Booker will likely earn a spot somewhere, but it could just as likely be as an OT if JC slides over to the LT spot. Backup RT and OC are already moving on. No one else left has taken any meaningful reps, at all... If he's looking over his shoulder I'm not sure who he'd be looking at.

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Hall of Fame
Jul 8, 2012
This may have absolutely nothing to do with this at all, but I find it interesting...
At the banquet the other night all of the other linemen "won" awards...except 2 year starter Cohen?

Steen & Ekiyor: Outstanding Linemen
Dalcourt: Offensive Achievement
Latham & McLaughlin: President's Award

No JC? Maybe he just doesn't fit well?
He had some mental health issues that he was open about...maybe it's just Bama pressure.
We forget sometimes that they're kids.

I hate to see him go but hope he's OK...

Roll Tide...


Jan 8, 2003
Argo, AL, St Clair
I think from some statements made by Saban recently this particular group of players contained some individuals that they felt like were not able to coach to be the best they could be. I would not speculate who those might be. I suspect the portal and NIL is going to be a breeding ground for uncoachable players all over college. My guess is every team is going to have some, but if you have too many you get teams that under perform. Since the powers that be say we did not have a top 4 team this year I would have to assume with our historical recruiting rankings that we have too many players who are not playing their best ball. Some of that might be our fault, as in the coaches. some of it might be players fault for thinking money and freedom was going to somehow make them a better football player. So I expect more players, even starters hitting the road. Saban may have a handle on this and have already been seeking out players who are more coachable, or this whole NIL portal thing may have made it a total crap shoot and he's just going to keep trying and hoping for better luck with future players. It's also possible that Saban's famous process is simply not going to work in a pro football setting, which we have a hybrid of now. I'm curious how the Michigan and TCU teams break down in NIL money and recruiting ranking vs Alabama and Georgia. Is finding the right mix of NIL talent and hard core rank and file football junkies the key?


1st Team
Dec 7, 2018
Hope they put some guard rails on this like maybe sitting out a year

This is completely out of whack .. even NFL doesnt have some fluid system


Feb 20, 2005
I hate to say it and regret having to do so, but I personally don`t feel the same emotional tie to college football that I did just a few short years ago.
This year, more than any, I found myself asking "who is that?" and having to pull up a roster just to know who was playing for Bama. This year just wasn't fun.

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