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Sep 9, 2002
For something like this, is the school involved (Miami in this case) or is someone making an NIL offer without knowing there is a spot for the player at the school? I'm guessing that players cannot be contacted by schools unless the player contacts them first. I don't know if the player has to be in the transfer portal for this or not.
Coach simply tells the booster, err 'business looking for a spokesman' which player they "have room for".


Apr 28, 2004
I wonder when we'll get to the point where players can change teams during the season.


Sep 1, 2019
Might as well just start signing binding contracts to play football.

The poor Long Snappers....never to have huge NIL deals.
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Oct 14, 2009
I truly wonder what these kids are taking in school. Does their destination school have the same program? Do their credits transfer? Are they starting anew on something else? Will they perpetually take freshman level courses?
At some point all of these kids will be told by their body or someone else, that they are done with ball. Saban has said he’s trying to prepare his young men for a life after football. Seems to me a lot of this portal business is kids chasing money now (of which they have zero clue how to manage it and will blow it) and chasing money later through the NFL (of which a vast majority will never make) and not preparing for life outside of ball. Would be a good research article to write for some person. Figure out to what degree this portal mess has helped or hurt those who get in it.
Well…I know they have created degrees in areas that are not only not academic, but skills for said degree could be equally obtained by working at McDonald’s. Not to say they’re not important, but are they really worth the college tuition to obtain? Unless you’re a jock, I’m going to say no. Said degrees were created for one reason and one reason only - and I have no knowledge but I’d bet few of them are available at Stanford.
Untether the sports from the classrooms; pay the schools a healthy percentage of the revenue to be called “their” team and use “their” facilities. They’d have a built in fan base no different than now. If the athletes WANT to go to school, give them reduced tuition and R&B in accordance with their “salary”. Take all of the FBS schools and divide them up amongst the pro sports teams to use as farms and use a lottery for the FCS schools. They agree to minimally subsidize the teams but have no control over player transfers.
Open it up to what it really is: a huge money making operation that no longer bears any resemblance to amateur athletics. Once a generation you may see one player come straight out of HS ready for the pros, in certain sports; most need three or four years to get there.
If the schools choose, they could maintain control of the revenue-neutral or negative sports as a way to try and hang on to some semblance of the “student athlete”.
Something, anything different than the current setup; it’s not sustainable and the NCAA is both clueless (big surprise) and powerless to rein it it; the banks have opened their doors and no one is going to close them now.
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Mar 26, 2012
Rick Neuhuisel said in his radio show that he had heard that Dallas Turner was being offered one million dollars to transfer to Miami.
College football is going crazy.
I do not believe for one second Dallas Turner is going to leave Alabama for an also-ran like Miami, no matter the money. Dallas is smart enough that staying at Bama makes him more money than going to Miami.

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