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Sep 1, 2019
These kids have been hearing this stuff for years, and for most it starts at home.
Yes. Starts at home, then they are the stars on their first team when they are little. Then they are stars on their middle school teams....then high school team.

I'll use an example from my area because I've watched him play before. Demouy Kennedy at Theodore. Kid just looked different out there, played LB and RB and KR. He was bigger, faster, stronger than everyone on either side. You knew where he was on the field at all times. I'd bet it had been that way for him all through his youth.

Then he gets to Bama and all the kids are superstars.

If a kid doesn't have parents that keep him humble for all his formative years then things could potentially go very wrong.


Apr 28, 2004
A few years ago, the nephew of a friend of mine was a stud HS player - LB and RB. Big, strong, fast, with a natural instinct. He went to camp at Bama and got a rude awakening. To quote him:

"On Friday nights I knew I was the best player on our team and, in most games, the best player on the field. At that camp at Bama, I wasn't even the best player in my little group."


Feb 24, 2017
If you have a scholarship, you need to think long and hard before entering the portal.
This is the dirty little secret about the portal. For years the media has clamored for the portal, gotta have it, it's only fair. But not a peep from these same weasels about the reality of the situation. If you are a good player, better make a few phone calls before jumping. Must be proactive here, don't jump and hope for the best.

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Apr 21, 2008
Gadsden, Al.
Oh no doubt this is what has happened and it's impacted me as well. Be it right or wrong, I now have little to no interest in taking what amounts to half a day every Saturday to watch not-great football. Even though what I'm watching is good football, just not great football. I guess my daddy's saying "once you've had a steak you don't want to go back to hotdogs" applies here. LOL!
Your Daddy was a smart man.


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Mar 24, 2003
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It’s odd, but the college transfer portal has a greater benefit to high school players than college. Almost half of the players in the portal don’t get picked up and the rules now allow schools to sign as many players as they want each year so long as they stay within the total team limit. Some teams (Bama, OSU, etc) do well enough with HS recruiting that they can be really selective on picking up any transfers and don’t have to take as many risks on guys in the portal as the potential reward (greater ceiling) is higher with a HS recruit. The overall number of available scholarships have not changed and, if half of the players in the portal aren’t picked up, that frees schools to sign that many more high schoolers. That leaves the college player that had been on scholarship, but elected to enter the portal, now swinging in the wind with no scholarship and very limited options.

If a player has a scholarship, they should think long and hard before putting their name in the portal as they may be completely giving up their chance at an education, depending on their family’s means. A lot of players’ only opportunity at a college education is based on getting that scholarship. I’d have a hard time advising anyone to give up their scholarship, and possibly their chance at a college education altogether, with an approximate 50% fail rate. High school players are being given more opportunities at the expense of these college players who are losing/giving up their scholarships. While they are sometimes told by the coaching staff to look for other opportunities, I truly hate it for those players if done voluntarily based on bad info or advice. You have the free ride. Unless there’s some serious mitigating circumstances, don’t risk your future over playing time (most don’t get to the NFL anyway).
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