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Jul 14, 2001
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Visit from Saban impresses Prattville commitment Gentry
Nick Gentry never understood the label of "soft commitment" that was placed on his decision to attend Alabama by recruiting analysts.

The Prattville High School defensive lineman isn't fond of returning phone calls from people wanting to gauge his commitment to the Crimson Tide, so he isn't sure where the label came from.

"That's where I was committed, that's where I'm going to go," Gentry said. "I'm not making any changes. People ask me that every day and I have to tell them every day that's where I'm going to go.

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Dec 16, 2001
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Gentry had similar impressions of Steele, his new defensive coordinator.

"He doesn't have a soft side to him," Gentry said. "He's a mean guy but that's the coach you want to have, a guy that will get in your face and tell you you need to do better so it'll push you that much harder."
Sounds pretty no-nonsense, to me. I'm liking what I'm seeing! Like to see a young man stand by a commitment, even in rough weather. ;)


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Feb 4, 2006
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I really like this kids attitude. I had the opportunity to see himplay on a couple of occassions and he reminds of Jarrett Johnson. his motor is running constantly.


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Dec 22, 2005
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He got into the academics -- coach (Mike) Shula and them really didn't talk much about academics. He told us he expected us to get a degree more than he expected us to go into pro ball and that's a big plus for me because that's what I want to do."
I like to hear this stuff. Glad that Saban is selling academic requirements too.

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