Game Thread: NLCS Game 5 (ATL 3-1): Braves @ Dodgers


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Apr 26, 2008
South Alabama
Well well well. We are in the exact same place as we were last year after an eerily similar situation.

Last year we sent Minter out there to win us a game after a 10-2 victory in game 4.

This year we send out Fried against their bullpen.

Hopefully tonight we are singing Dani California, We are the champs, or any other song you choose to tell California to finally Rest In Peace. But until we actually finish the job… Braves and their fans shouldn’t proclaim anything that hasn’t happened for over 20 years until it happens.

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Nov 5, 2012
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Except for a 6 year stint in the USMC, I lived in Atlanta from '87 to '13. I watched the Braves of the 90's religiously until about 2003. Since moving out west, I started watching the Rockies. They did pretty much nothing for the last few years (when have they ever really been good?) ... anyways ... I am watching the Braves tonight and hoping they can get to the next stage which would be huge. Would love to see a Boston/Atlanta WS.

Chopping for the Braves!
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