Obvious Needs for 2022


Nov 20, 2013
Florence, Alabama
1. If Wheaton comes back fully recovered at RB, he will be a great option. We have the #1 RB in the 2022 class, but he's not a big back type, at least not right now. If the GT kid transfers he will be in the mix for sure
2. I think these guys are already on the roster, they just needed time in the S&C program. McLaughlin actually looked pretty good against Auburn and the other Brockmeyer is right behind him. We have LOTS of options at OT already (Latham and Brockmeyer mostly) and a couple in 2022 on the way as well
3. Outz is going to be pushing hard for PT next year. Latu will hopefully continue to improve. Billingsley likely moves on. in 2022 we have his clone in Skinner coming in and an ATH who is also a tweener WR/TE.

1. like it or not, #10 is just about the new standard for ILBs, being 6'1" to 6'3" and between 225 and 235. Old school, bigger thumpers are obsolete right now. If 10 and 8 stay, Moody will either move on (being a Sr) or use the covid year to transfer and play his last year somewhere with PT available. Shane Lee might also transfer. Blackshire and Ian Jackson as TF's both look the part already. in 2022 we have two pretty good ones coming in, and will likely add Shemar James. They'll all need a bit of S&C time though.
2. Agree can never have too many, and we need at least two additions in 2022. 3 are committed, but all seem to be projects of sorts although oatis might surprise us. Would be good to get one more. Short term, this is kinda like OL, where I think the answer is already on the roster, just working and getting better, bigger and stronger waiting to emerge next year (Young, Smith, Eboigbe, and Dale could all make big moves before next season).
3. Hellams has been pretty solid also. Behind the starting two we have Branch and Moore along with Story, Smith, Williams and Arnold so feel pretty solid here.
4. CB we absolutely need to add depth and increase competition. One is committed and we're in play for 2-3 more so the staff needs to reel them in...
Didn't Skinner decide to go to Miami, to be closer to home?