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Sep 30, 2011
Huntsville, Al
I’ve been saying that for a long time. Any individual might be a bust or a surprise break out star. But when the law of large numbers kicks in, stars matter a lot.

A great parallel is standardized test scores vs. actual academic performance.

We all know kids who made a 25 on the ACT, studied hard, spent hours upon hours in the library or lab, and ended up as honors students. We also know kids who made 32 on the ACT, lazed around, partied, didn’t go to class and flunked out.

But take a room full of 32s, and the academic performance taken as a whole will run circles around a room full of 25s.
Hey, I scored 19 on ACT and I ended up being a successful software engineer :)


Nov 27, 2017
Pruitt is the surest bet, in that he's had success here before and knows what he's getting into with Saban. But there are plenty of other hires, most notably Leonard and Schumman, that I'd be happy with.

Honestly, it's just the nature of the off-season. There are 9 months of no football and yet we're anxious for something to talk about. The NFL has managed to become a year-round sport by making the Combine the draft, free agency, training camp, and then the preseason games spread out enough to always give fans something to look forward to. It's harder in college, although the two signing periods and two portal transfer windows have helped. The coaching hot stove is just icing on the cake.
Others have stated their concern over the upcoming season in terms of this being potentially a four loss season. It is perhaps the most challenging season for CNS since 2008 with the loss of Bryce Young and no experienced QB to replace him plus replacing OC and DC.
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Sep 30, 2011
Huntsville, Al
Latest News: Based on what I'm reading around the Interworld, Lot of smoke regarding Pruitt. I would be shocked if it's not Pruitt at this point.

On OC: Everything remains the same, but all sign points to Lebby as of now. I don't' think anything changed. Some of you mentioned Johnson from Eagle... I could see that as well. I suspect we'll hear something real soon. It's Friday, and We'll hear something between now and Next Friday. I think we'll hear something on OC before we hear the news on DC.

As always, This is based on what I see on forum boards and internet. I don't know nothing. I can't even change the battery on smoke alarm nor can I get my 100 inch tv to act right with my led lighting. :)

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Nov 8, 2004
predictions are not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about just making up facts. In this case the NCAA investigation on Pruitt.

Lately we have been hearing and seeing alot half truths, non truths, and unrelated things that are being used in place of facts being used to talk about this investigation.
We’re on the same page.

I’m reminded of a guy I worked with years ago. We were in an area that required forecasting uncertain events — uncertain predictions weighted by equally uncertain estimates of probability.

This guy was famous for adamant predictions….which were bad to change with no notice whatsoever and no new developments to change the perspective. He just changed his mind on a whim. And of course he forgot all about the previous forecasts, had always held the current view, and would look at you like you had three heads if you reminded him.

Then, when the final result was known, he’d write a self-congratulatory email, generally beginning with, “As expected….”

He did it so much that, “As expected….” became a punch line in the department, and those of us that had to deal with the overall forecast automatically added an extra measure of uncertainty to anything the guy said.


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Aug 8, 2011
Birmingham, AL
I think it is important to remember that writers, reporters, bloggers and even athletic departments, just like politicians, are not above floating the "trial balloon" to gauge reaction. One of the oldest ploys by reporters years ago was to write a story saying they had "heard via sources" a certain thing, then sit back and wait to see the response from anyone that was remotely close to the situation. A response from someone in the athletic department like 'who told you that? it is suppose confidential. It's not finalized" or "man you are way off with that. The direction this is really headed...." . I'm sure there are times it works the opposite where the athletic departments may leak "rumor" intentionally to gauge response by the media and the public in general.


Oct 19, 2022
I've found the blind spot for a lot of "smart folks" is they have problems with the simple things in life. JNM'81 is just a freakin' genius and can't help it. 😁
As oppose to us dumb people who has a bigger blind spot.lol My dad use to tell me “ act dumb some time, you’ll slip up on those who act so smart.”

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