OC and DC replacement discussion


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Nov 30, 2013
I find it hard to believe someone really good out there in ALLLLL of football land doesn't want to come and work for the best. Someone who is making their name.

What is the world coming to? :sneaky: It sure seems to have gotten soft. JMO...


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May 13, 2009
Mobile, AL
My optimistic take is that the OC won't be decided or announced until after the Super Bowl because CNS is going to go through his entire list of candidates no matter what before his makes an offer.

If Brian Johnson is a serious contender on the list then we have to wait for the Eagles season to end.

He's probably going through the entire DC candidate list too while also waiting for positive news wrt Pruitt's status with the NCAA

My pessimistic take is that being this level of thoroughness and maybe even thriftiness is going to cause us to miss out on the Top Shelf OCs and DCs as other teams lock them down with raises or pull them away with raises.

If we wait too long (which Mid Feb may be too long) then we might get stuck with a Dooley or Grantham or similar quality College coach or even another middling NFL retread.

I just wish we knew a little bit more about what's going on... as of right now Grubb is the only public name that's even been interviewed on either side.

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