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Feb 12, 2006
I think the college game has passed by BoB by, for that matter Jimbo too. Neither of these guys understand the offensive strategy needed to compete nowadays. What's interesting to me is why Saban hired Bob and Marrone in the first place knowing he just had to spend 3-4 years converting his program to a more offensive style of play?

These are the guys who should retire, imo...


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Oct 24, 2011
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Why would anyone confirm it. I know where that exactly came from. The guy is legit, but at same time he trolls lot of people with bad takes.

I did see on other board that there's talk of Sal Sunseri returning to the field. So if he does, then Hutzler might get demoted or move on. Both coaches same position.
Sunseri would be a welcomed sight for sure.


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Aug 15, 2004
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IIRC this is his second year at Alabama. I said this another thread or post, but until we recruit better offensive lineman and/or better OL coaching it will not make any difference who the OC is.
I don't think it's the ingredients as much as it is the cooks. Every team with a good offensive line isn't made up of 5-star studs. The coaches take a mix of talents and coach them to be a successful unit. No team in this day and age of college football can realistically expect to out-talent, man for man, every team in order to have success. That is just unrealistic. If that is the case then where is the value in the coaching?


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Sep 30, 2011
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Upon further review I may should have posted this in this thread but I posted it in the good, bad, and ugly since pretty much it is, well more a lot of great, some good, little bad, and way too much ugly. Sorry if I messed up. This is what I have been talking about.

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Since 2018... did the offense changed ? Should've compared alabama and Georgia for better result.


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Sep 1, 2019
IIRC this is his second year at Alabama. I said this another thread or post, but until we recruit better offensive lineman and/or better OL coaching it will not make any difference who the OC is.
We've recruited well on the OL over the last few years relative to recruiting rankings. We either aren't developing them or some just aren't panning out.

OT - Booker - 5 star FR
OT - Latham - 5 star SO
OT - T. Brockermeyer - 5 star RS FR (has he ever played)
OG - Ekiyor - 4 star RS SR
OG - Brockermeyer - 4 star RS FR (don't think eitehr brother has played)
OG - Ferguson - 4 star RS FR
OG - Dalcourt - 4 star SR
OG - Roberts - 4 star RS FR
OT - Bowles - 4 star RS JR
OT - Pritchett - 4 star FR
OT - Randolph - 4 star RS SR (has moved back and forth to TE and OT)
OT - Cohen - 4 star JR
OT - George - 4 star JR
OT - Kight - 4 star RS JR (backs up Steen, a transfer)

Now, get this, 2 of our starters after all those highly recruited guys......
C - McLaughlin - 3 star RS SO
OT - Steen - 3 star SR transfer

We either aren't developing all that talent or we are completely missing on the evaluations.


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Aug 27, 2018
It's like positive cash flow in business can mask all sorts of problems.
Great analogy. When business changes, even if you are still profitable, you have to be reviewing what you've been doing, and what will work the next season. Ya'll, this is a lot of work. 9-2 this season, and 4 points away from being undefeated, under 12 points from barely being bowl eligible (win over TX by 1, win over aTm by 4, win over Ole Miss by 6), with all the talent we have at every position, speaks to a program that is asleep. That's coaching. And I have a hard time laying it at the feet of CNS. But, that lack of intensity that so many seem to have noticed, is age now appearing. Let's hold off judgement until we see how 2023 unfolds. I'm taking the easy bet and predicting Coach Saban gets the ship righted and we go on a tear.
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Nov 8, 2004
I too am puzzled by the OL’s inconsistency. Way too many pressures on Bryce and way too many running plays stuffed.

Even if we did no evaluation whatsoever, and just randomly chose 14 HS OLs rated 4 stars or better, you’d still have to say it’s a talented group.

Is it coaching? Wolford seems to be getting slightly better results than Marrone, but not a ton. Is it development? Is it meshing blocking schemes with the goal of the play? Is it offensive philosophy? Is it physical strength?

Things do seem to have gotten marginally better with McClellan getting more carries. But it‘s a small sample, and a material portion of it was Austin Peay, so I’m not sure how much you can read into that.

I’m at a loss. We should be at the top of the SEC, and the reality is that we can only wish were middle of the pack.

I don’t know what the problem is, but I know we should be better.

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