Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL GAME THREAD - Bama vs. The Hogs, 2nd Half...

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Nov 8, 2004
Our run game is good milroe has to keep them honest with the pass well be fine. Overall we played a pretty good first half
Agreed. If somebody had said I could have 28-7 at the half or take my chances, I'd have taken the 28-7.

Young injury is another story.

Until Bryce is back, whenever that might be, we're an RPO team, and that's perfect for Milroe. Time for the D and the OL to keep playing like they did the first 25 minutes of the first half.


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Apr 9, 1999
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I am wearing my jersey today. Have ot worn it since texas when I removed it and threw it accross the room early in the 4th quarter of that game.

Really hope Bryce is okay. i will not speculate as to what I think it was.

Way too many drops, but others have stepped up to make up for it. Defense looked good until that last drive.

Gary needs a punch in the face. He might as well have a bacon bits jersey on.

Also why is it when our players get hurt they show 20 different angles and repeatedly show it over and over. Other teams players get hurt and they barely show it at all out of "respect".
that jersey needs to find a goodwill bin! :D
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