Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL Postgame Thread - Bama vs. UGA...


Sep 12, 2006
McKinney, TX
I'm pulling for Michigan now...

It would be

1) Alabama
2) UGA or Mich
3) Mich or UGA
4) Cincy

UGA and Mich can beat the crap out of each other while we play Cincy
Will we play in Dallas or Miami? Please let it be Dallas. My daughter is a cheerleader and they will be on the field before the Cotton Bowl. I get a free game ticket out of the deal.
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3rd Team
Apr 9, 2011
guessing we get cincinnati which is good in my opinion. I figured they put us at #3 so if we won we would move to #1 and geo to #3 so we did not play again immediately and if we lost we are out.

Personally I feel that cincinnati was always going to be #4 if they got in. With all of the 2 loss possibilities figured it may get chaotic but best for the committee now if mich wins.

Also, while I do not recall reading this or this being discussed but supposed we had blasted geo by 4tds or more would they have been out? Announces, pundits all kept saying regardless of the outcome geo was in but I do not feel that any of them anticipated that. Have a friend in vegas said like over 90% of the money was on geo vegas, and a lot of bookies are celebrating. Not facts just my opinions.