Game Thread: Ole Miss vs Auburn 6:00 CST on ESPN


Sep 27, 2016
Cobb County GA
Hope Ole Miss wins. They have too many injuries right now, so it will be a close game.... plus they have to overcome playing at Auburn after Auburn had a bye week. Hope Matt Corral has a good game and they rush for 300 yards against Auburn's defense. Not sure how Ole Miss defense will do against Bo Nix when he is scrambling though.


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Oct 14, 2009
Word from LK is that Mingo and Brandon might be ready to go; not good for the Barn, if true.
Also Dub needs to verify: a Barn outlet reported possible suspensions from last weekend. Who and how long wasn’t mentioned.


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Jul 31, 2001
cullman, al, usa
Ole Miss is banged up while Auburn is rested and prepared. I’d put money on the barn.
I'm also leaning that way. AU should be rested, and they have a nice home field advantage. Ole Miss has played Alabama, Arkansas, UT, and LSU in consecutive weeks and has some guys banged up. If Ole Miss goes in and puts up 40+ points, they could get it done, but I think AU will try to pound it on the ground and control some clock to limit possessions. We'll see what happens tomorrow.


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May 18, 2007
San Jose, California
Aside from the game being play at JHS, what does auburn do or have that is better than OM ??
OM has a legitimate, explosive offense that could hang with pretty much anyone in the country. Kiffin will get his points . Alabama is the only team that has slow down OM offense and we had to play an almost perfect game at home to do so. If the OM rush defense can slow down or shut down the barn running game( they did a great job against LSU emerging running game) Bo Nix will have to win the game with his usual circus performance. The OM rushing attack has the 3 headed monster of Corral, Snoop, and Ealy. Drummond is the best WR on either team. The barn offense are to have to generate lots of points if they can't contain the OM offense. And that is something I can't see with their offense.
Sometimes having a bye week can be an advantage and sometimes it can be more detrimental. OM has been in 2 major wars with Arky and Tennessee and came out victorious. They are battle tested!
I was surprised how good they looked beating LSU after they made their adjustments.
Auburn has lost to two teams with a pulse (Penn ST and UGA) . their " biggest win" was against a beat up, wounded 2 straight loss Arky team that loss their mojo after getting mauled by Georgia and then losing an emotional game to Ole Miss the following week. If auburn can run with success, the game will be a lot more interesting, but I still like OM for the win. Kiffin knows he can still have a special season if he wins out which makes every game moving forward important.


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Dec 31, 2006
Winfield, Alabama
Night game in auburn. Crazy things happen for the barn in that stadium. They always get the controversial calls to go their way too. I think the barn pulls out the vodoo (as usual) on Halloween's eve and somehow wins this game.


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Jul 26, 2003
Gadsden, AL
23/44? Less than 300 yds and 1TD? 24 points? That’s “having his way”???
That phrase doesn’t mean the same to me that it does to you.
Did you watch the game? He heavily affected the game with his feet by eluding sacks/extending plays like crazy that night more than anything else and that won’t show in the stats. If you saw it then you know exactly what I’m talking about.
I’ll be perfectly happy to be wrong but right now I think they beat both ole miss and am.
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Oct 14, 2009
I saw part of the game - in no way shape or form, as I understand the term, did Nix “have his way” with LSU.

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